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The Salem CommUNITY Quilt Project


As mentioned on the Salem CommUNITY Quilt information page, there has traditionally been a procession upon completion of a new house or building. While we aren't making a new building, we intend to honor this tradition nonetheless. The following is an excerpt from "Less Time for Meddling - A History of Salem Academy and College, 1772-1866" by Frances Griffin.

In the afternoon at one o'clock there assembled in the Saal of the Gemein Haus the members of the Aeltesten Conferenz, the other ministers of the Wachovia congregations and their wives, the girls who live in the Boarding School, the school-girls, and the teaching Sisters. About half past one they marched out in procession, two by two, and proceeded to the new house, in the following order: 1) the Bretheren of the Aeltesten Conferenz and other ministers; 2) the Sisters of the Aeltesten Conferenz and other ministers' wives; 3) the daughters living in the Boarding School; 4) the school-girls; 5) the Boarding School Sisters. As the first Bretheren left the door of the Gemein Haus one choir of trombones played frm the indows of the conferene room:

May God bless your going out, etc.

Another choir of trombones played from the new house as the procession entered it:

Now thank we all our God, etc.

The parents present, and other invited guests, and the musicians, assembled in the sleeping hall of the new house. When the place had been taken by the ministers and their wives, and the boarding and day pupils and their Sisters, all clad in white, had arranged themselves in a double semi-circle, the choir sang, accompanied by a pianoforte and other instruments.

For further information, you can check out "Less Time for Meddling" at the Salem Library!

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