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Textbook FAQs

Why do I need to complete this form? Submitting course textbooks and materials through this form is how Barnes & Noble is notified of titles to make available for student purchase. Library staff also use this form to identify items needed for course reserve.
Why do I need to submit my textbook information so early? Federal law requires the college to have textbook information available when the registration period opens to students.
Which ISBN should I list? Either the ISBN-10 or the ISBN-13 will work. The important thing is that you provide the complete number which follows ISBN-10 or ISBN-13. Add the dashes if you wish.
How will I know when to submit textbook information? You will receive an email communication each semester informing you of the due date for the next semester’s submissions. You may also want to bookmark this page for the most current information.
When does the online bookstore open each term? Faculty and students will be notified by email when the online bookstore opens for the next semester, which will be before registration begins.
How do I recommend a non-textbook item for library purchase? Please use the purchase recommendation form for any non-textbook requests.

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Course Reserve FAQs

How do I submit course reserves requests?

Submit requests using the textbook form above. Submissions will be forwarded to the Barnes & Noble online bookstore, evaluated for library course reserves, and possible library purchase. If you wish to place personal copies on reserve, submit the form and bring personal copies to the Salem Library Information Desk; a library staff member will assist you.

How long does it take for items on course reserve to become available to my students?

Depending on the nature of the request, it can take up to five (5) business days to process a course reserves request.

What materials are eligible for course reserve?

  • Materials (e.g. books, journals, sound and/or video recordings) that belong to the Salem Academy and College library system
  • Personal copies that belong to the faculty member
  • Photocopied materials that meet “fair use” criteria, including written permission of the copyright holder when:
    • A journal article is placed on reserve more than once; or
    • The photocopied material exceeds 10% of the whole work
  • Example tests, class notes, syllabi, and other materials created by the faculty member

What materials are NOT eligible for course reserve?

  • Materials belonging to other libraries
  • Personal photocopies that do not meet fair use criteria
  • Photocopied material that has been placed on reserve previously, unless accompanied by written permission from the copyright holder
  • Copies of audio or video recording of broadcast programs that do not meet fair use criteria for such recordings
  • Personal copies of commercially manufactured audio or video tapes, discs, and cassettes
  • Course packs
  • Consumable materials (ex: commercially produced standardized tests, workbooks)
  • Tests meant to be taken by current students enrolled in the course

How do I obtain permission from a copyright holder to use/reuse a work?

If needed, permission from copyright holders may be sought directly or through the Copyright Clearance Center, usually for a fee.

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