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New Z Files Episode!

by Cait Whitehead on 2022-11-16T20:31:20-05:00 | 0 Comments

Hello Salem Sibs,

Professor Zhang has released a new episode of The Z Files, "American Composers of the Holocaust"

Did you know Hitler and the Nazi party revered President Franklin D. Roosevelt  for the racist laws he introduced?  Have you ever learned about how America's Jim Crow and other discriminatory legislation inspired the 400+ Nuremberg laws that regulated the private and public lives of Jewish people? Were you aware the U.S. State Department denied a vis request from Otto Frank and his family shortly before they were executed in Nazi death camps? 

The latest episode will challenge the traditional history you learned about America’s part in World War 2. Hitler wasn’t the mastermind behind anti-Semitic policies like we were taught. Hitler was only one of vessels to deliver this evil on the world. The true villain is closer than you think. 

You can find this episode and others here

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