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E-books are available for download or reading full-text online. Many of Salem's eBook collections provide access to art and art history books, including the ones listed below.

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  • BF 789.C7 Color Psychology
  • BF 1779 Feng-shui
  • HD 9850 Textile business/industry
  • KF 2390 &  KF 5701 Interior design & the law
  • N  Visual arts
    • N5300-7418  History
    • N7420-7525.8  General works
  • NA Architecture
  • NB Sculpture
  • NC Drawing
  • ND Painting
  • NE Print Media
  • NK Decorative Arts
  • QC 495.2 Color Theory
  • TH Remodeling & Building
  • TH 7700-7975 Illumination & Lighting
  • TK 4125-4399 Electric Lighting
  • TP 930 Fabric dye and printing methods
  • TS 1300-1765 Furniture making
  • TT 140-854 House furnishings, etc.

Dissertations and theses are often overlooked sources of scholarly information. Although written by students completing their masters or doctoral programs, the research reported AND SOURCES listed in them have undergone perhaps the greatest scrutiny and review of all peer-reviewed sources. We are fortunate that many older and current dissertations are now made available full-text and online.