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Brick-by-Brick: A Salem Scavenger Hunt

Brick-by-Brick: The Salem Scavenger Hunt
Week 6

Welcome back to the Salem Scavenger Hunt!

It's now week 6 of the Salem Scavenger Hunt and it's zooming by quickly. This week, we have been working with the Lucy Rose Center on campus to assist you in learning skills that will help you with endeavors beyond your time here at the Salem Academy and College campuses. As usual, please remember to pick up your bricks after you've completed the week's activities!

Your goals this week:
  • Watch the embedded video, "Write an Incredible Resume: 5 Golden Rules!"
  • Answer the questions on the google sheet
  • Return to the circulation desk to claim your prize

Two final notes for this week:

  • The Lucy Rose Center is offering a workshop this week building on the principles from the video! Contact for more details!

  • The Salem Scavenger Hunt will be taking a break from March 5th until after Spring Break. See you then!

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