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Brick-by-Brick: A Salem Scavenger Hunt

Brick-by-Brick: The Salem Scavenger Hunt
Week 10


Welcome back, Salem Sibs!

Hello again and welcome to the FINAL week of the scavenger hunt! Just a quick note: IF YOU HAVENT BEGUN THE SCAVENGER HUNT, THERE IS STILL TIME TO JOIN AND FINISH! SPREAD THE WORD!

This week we head back to the library for a few brief messages before you can head off to get your final prize! First, thank you for sticking with this long task! We know that it's been a challenge, but that is part of what makes a scavenger hunt worthwhile. This week, when you receive your final parts, you will also receive instructions to put together a model from all of the pieces that you've been gathering over the semester. Thank you for your participating and for your diligence. We hope you've enjoyed the process and that finals go well before you move onto summer. There is no reading or video this week; just a questionnaire.

Your goals this week:
  • Answer the questions on the google sheet (Make sure you submit your answers!)
  • Go to the library circulation desk to claim your prize for the week! (Remember to bring your student ID!)

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