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This study guide is for students majoring in sociology or taking a course in the department.

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Finding Books

To find information related to sociology in the library stacks, browse the following call numbers:

H---Social Sciences

HM- Sociology

HM435-477 - History of Sociology

HM461-473 - Schools of Sociology

HM481-554 - Theory / Method

HM621-656 - Culture

HM661-696 - Social Control

HM701 - Social Systems

HM706 - Social Structure

HM711-806 - Groups and Organizations

HM756-781 - Community

HM786-806 - Organizational Sociology

HM811-821 - Deviant behavior

HM831-901 - Social Institutions

HM1001-1281 - Social Psychology

HM1041-1101 - Social perception / Social cognition

HM1106-1171 - Interpersonal relations

HM1176-1281 - Social Influence

HN-Social history and conditions. Social problems. Social reform.

HQ-The family. Marriage. Women.

HT- Communities. Classes. Races

HV- Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology.