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School Counseling (MEd)

Designed for the online Master of Education in School Counseling students.


You will need a Salem Academy & College ID if you plan to visit the library after 5:00 Monday-Friday or on weekends. If you do not have a Salem ID, please contact Dr. Sheryl Long for information on obtaining your ID card.

eBook Collections

E-books are available for download or reading full-text online. Many of Salem's eBook collections provide access to education books, including the ones listed below.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

eBook Collections

Finding Books

To locate books or other items in the library use the online catalog. The key to searching library catalogs is knowing the subject headings (or "terms"). Some examples of subject headings are:

  • Action research
  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • Counseling
  • Curriculum planning
  • Education, Bilingual United States
  • Education, Elementary
  • Education, Secondary
  • Educational counseling
  • Educational technology
  • Group work in education
  • Language arts
  • Learning, Psychology of

To find the subject headings for YOUR topic...

  • Use the online catalog to browse for books

  • Find a book that is relevant to your project by searching the online catalog using keywords.

  • Select a title from your results list by clicking on the title.
  • Click "Description" to get the full catalog record, which includes the subject headings for that item.
  • Click on any heading to see a list of books that include that subject heading.

Note: Subject Headings are listed alphabetically and then expand into sub headings, also listed alphabetically.

Sometimes you may simply want to browse books on a certain topic or subject. All books dealing with education are located on the 2nd floor of Gramley Library, and begin with the classification letter "L."

  • L     General education sources
  • LA   History of education
  • LB   Theory and practice of education (includes ed psych, teacher training, school administration, etc.)
  • LC   Special aspects of education (includes forms of education and social aspects of education)
  • LD   Individual educational institutions in the United States
  • LE   Individual educational institutions in North and South America (non-U.S.)
  • LF   Individual educational institutions in Europe
  • LG   Individual educational institutions in Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific and other islands
  • LH   School magazines and papers
  • LJ   Student fraternities and societies in the U.S.
  • LT   Textbooks

The Library of Congress Classification Schedule for Education books may be accessed using the  following link.

Salem provides access to various reference books, both print and eBooks, dealing with counseling and school counseling. Some of these titles follow.

Salem offers various titles as eBooks available through our catalog. Some of these works include....

Dissertations and theses are often overlooked sources of scholarly information. Although written by students completing their masters or doctoral programs, the research reported AND SOURCES listed in them have undergone perhaps the greatest scrutiny and review of all peer-reviewed sources. We are fortunate that many older and current dissertations are now made available full-text and online.