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MKTG 230: Principles of Marketing

Mission Statements

To find a company's mission or vision, begin at the company website. You can use the Google search below. Usually these statements will be in the "About" section. Note that not all companies use the heading "Mission Statement" and you may need to do more searching both within and outside of the site.

Google Web Search

Ticker Symbols

On the stock exchanges, companies use ticker symbols to differentiate their company from others with similar names.  These symbols are mostly comprised of a combination of letters and numbers and are unique to a specific company.  You can use ticker symbols to find information on a specific stock or company, including financial reports, and purchase or trade stocks.

In the New York Stock Exchange, ticker symbols for popular companies include (but aren't limited to):

  • PepsiCo, Inc.: PEP
  • Target Corporation: TGT
  • Ann Inc (Parent co. for LOFT & Ann Taylor).: ANN

A number of tools - free and proprietary - exist to help you identify a company's ticker symbol and stock information, including the following:

Company Information